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Kiyomi started her career in the bustling center of Toronto’s downtown. She prides herself and her art on the contributions of Toronto’s vibrant, diverse cultural playground. She started playing shows at the age of 15 and formed her first band in high school. It wasn’t until later that she met Adrienne Lloyd and Laura Petracca which led to starting the first incarnation of Hunter Valentine.

Hunter Valentine has toured the world, starred on 2 hit reality television shows, worked with some of the industries most renowned producers, such as Linda Perry, Greig Nori, Julius Butty and more. They shared tours with the likes of Cyndi Lauper and Sum 41 and have played some of the biggest festivals in existence globally.

After putting blood, sweat and many tears into the band, they finally decided to go on hiatus. Kiyomi’s focus is now solely on her solo project. As the primary songwriter for Hunter Valentine, this was an obvious and crucial transition.

Her drive and work ethic are what have pushed and navigated through this complex entertainment industry and on her solo efforts, you hear the tales of the ins and outs of her life’s work to date.

These days you can catch Kiyomi across various mediums. You may take in a solo acoustic show (soon to be backed by full band) at a venue near you, perhaps you end up at a dirty dance party that she is mc’ing/hosting, she may be on a screen near you showcasing and fine-tuning her acting chops or there is always the chance that you dropped in to listen to her brand new Podcast “LIVE BRIGHT w Kiyomi Valentine”.

Whatever the medium is, she is grateful for your eyes, ears or mind joining her on her little journey. 


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Welcome to my new website! I am so excited that you are coming along with me on these next steps. Sometimes change can be confusing or scary, but to me it always makes me feel more alive and inspired. So here's what's up!

I have a few acoustic shows coming up and I am stoked for them! First off, I will be headed to San Francisco for UHAUL's New Year's Eve party. I will be playing a few acoustic songs and hosting the evening. If you haven't been to a UHAUL party, I highly recommend going! Tickets for this are in the tour section. 

Then I am headed to LA, for an intimate, solo acoustic show at Hotel Cafe. I'm going to be playing all of the songs that I've written for this project over the last couple of years. 

Finally, I'll be headed back to the east coast for my e.p release show at THE ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL. I am so excited to play here, as I have wanted to since I moved to NYC. I will have a few special guests joining me too, so it's gonna be a badass night of music. Make sure you purchase tickets in advance for this one, because it is a small room and will get packed. See the tour section for tix. 

I cannot wait to reconnect with all of you soon, somewhere out there!  

xo Kiyomi




by Kiyomi Valentine

Rogue is an e.p I created for you (the fans) to show you the process of how a song starts out. These two songs are acoustic and are not yet arranged with a band. I wrote them in my house with just a guitar. You may hear them again at some point and they could sound totally different! 

This is the musical raw version of myself. I hope you like it.

*Lead Guitar: Lisa Bianco 

Produced by Tom Thacker